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Create a Minimalist Office at Home

This will be the last article of my series on making a home-office workstation wanna-be. The minimalist office is a trend as people tend to work at home instead of spending hours commuting to office nowadays. The reason behind this is that I don't wanna bring my heavy MacBook Pro back and forth from home to office. Besides, I only need a light-computation like typing, editing an image using Canva, or just watching some screencast on YouTube.

my mini workstation consists of a tab, keyboard, and mouse

We already have a small desk (using dirt-cheap PVC pipes and foldable table) and a DIY tablet stand. For the peripherals, I also have a 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A, a Bluetooth (and silent) keyboard, and a Bluetooth mouse. I often use some keyboard shortcuts, so we can ignore the needs of the mouse.

Let's break them down.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A with 10-inch Display

This device is more than enough for typing. If you type, you type with your heart. The 'thinking' part comes after that.

For the editing, change some typos, or replace some words, I use the Grammarly application. This app is also great for students or copywriters. Although it is a paid software, the free version is more than enough for daily use. If you need the premium features, it offers a 50% discount after some days of usage to your email. Some "black hat" guys on BL or Toped also sell the premium account at a lower price (about $8 for a lifetime usage(!)). I think it's considered an unlawful way to use the tool, bear in mind that it is highly inappropriate and your account will most likely to be vanished in a few months after.

Personally, as a person who makes money from making a software, I don't recommend that way.

Alcatroz Trilium BTR 1

What I love about this keyboard is that the silent sound it makes when you press each button. Not accurately 'silent' like no sound at all, but it helps me to not making a clicky noise when my daughter is sleeping at late nights, or if you're just having an OCD.

alcatroz bluetooth keyboard btr 1

The second nice thing to have about this keyboard is that it is powered by a lithium battery which very convenient for longer daily use. It claims that if you need to charge the keyboard after 4-months of usage. But after bought it about 1 year ago, I never charge the keyboard. Is that because I always turn it off when it's not needed?

The other feature that this keyboard has is that it can be paired to up to 3 devices. It is quite helpful when you work with a PC, tab, and mobile phone at the pretty same time. With 2 years of warranty, the company seemed more legit.

What I hate about the keyboard? The price is quite expensive, compared to other brands like Logitech or other famous brands. The layout is not the same as the Apple keyboard though. So you need to make a new habit for a day or two.

Logitech Bluetooth Mouse M590

The mouse is relatively affordable. With around Rp 300,000 or about $20, you get the most features from a Bluetooth mouse. It also has an additional dongle if your laptop is not compatible with low-energy Bluetooth device. The custom buttons or side buttons will make your life easier, creating a combination of “gesture”, you can have 2x5 or 10 more shortcuts such as going to the next workspace (on OSX), or even customize a shortcut inside a specific application (but not in Dota2, as far as I have tried).

bluetooth mouse logitech m590

The silent feature is not a damn silent like no sound at all. You can hear the 'click' sound but what I can say is that it absorbs 90% of the sound and sends it to the Limbo. The 'silent' keyword is just like a marketing gimmick to stand out the products from its competitors.

It is powered by a single AA battery which lasts for a very long time. A guy who gives a review at Amazon said that he has been using it for a year using the battery included. I can say that I am quite happy with the product, and use it also when I work with my laptop since it supports multi-pairing to up to 2 devices.

It also has a feature called Logitech Flow, which allows you to transfer data from one device to another one, even those two have different operating systems or platform. A very nice thing to have but it is quite useless for me.


A computing device, a Bluetooth keyboard, and a silent mouse. A tab stand made by heart. A humble desk crafted by your hand. More than ample to accompany your countless sleepless nights.

Tell me your thought. Give me a comment or two now, or forever hold your peace.


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