DIY Tab Stand Using PVC

I think this will be the simplest tablet stand for my Samsung Galaxy Tab A with a 10-inch display. The main idea (at the end) is to make a super-duper tiny and minimalist home office consists of a desk and chair, a tab, a tablet stand, a Bluetooth keyboard, and a Bluetooth (and silent) mouse. You may already read how I made my desk using a pair of PVC table legs, and a folded top table.

Each week, I will try to post about each item needed for our Zen-wannabe home-office. This article will focus on how we make a tablet stand using a half-inch of PVC pipes, and some fittings. We use PVC pipes for almost all of our project since they are pretty cheap and flexible enough. Combined with some fittings, we can easily make any kind of shapes.

What we need:

- 2 x T-shape fittings
- 1 x straight fittings
- 2 x L-shape fittings
- 30 cm half-inch PVC pipes
- An iron saw to cut the pipe
- Some iron glue, or any similar one.

diy tab stand final result

First. Cut the pipes to your preference. For example, you may cut longer if your tablet display is way bigger. We need 5 segments of pipe. The legs, the front segments, and the top one. Look at the photo below and you will get the idea.

DIY Tablet Stand from PVC

Second. Cut into half the straight fitting. These 2 parts will help the tablet stand more steady. Just make sure that you have an exact size of T-shape fittings and the straight one. This will also reduce our cost, and remove the unnecessary long front legs.

Third. Place some glue and put a "stopper" on each half-size straight fitting. This "stopper" will hold our tab in place and does not slide out of the stand.

stopper on tab stand
put some glue to make a stopper

Last. Put everything together and we are more than ready to go. I don't glue each part because I need those 2 front segments to be flexible enough so I can manage the tilt of the tab for my view, or when I want to use it both portrait or landscape way, by spreading the legs. For example, when I use it in bed.

The sentence "spreading the legs when I use it in bed" sounds terrible. But let's leave it that way.

I hope you enjoy and happy with your result. Feel free to comment if you have any question or a better approach. Thank you.


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