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The Cons of Working Remotely

We will not only talk about the advantages, but also the cons of working remotely. Nowadays people tend to work as distributed teams or working remotely. It does not mean that they should work from home. Instead, they can go to the quiet cafè, a silent public library, or just rent a commercial working space. But yes, the plague makes all of us hibernate inside our caves. Without going further than your bed area, there are so many jobs that can be done in front of our laptop. For example, being a web programmer, writers, translators, or analyst.

The cons of commuting Spending 2-3 hours of your life doing nothing except staring at the congested street. Flushing gazillions of carbon dioxide to the air. Tired body and mind. Bad weather. Let's face it: commuting sucks. By cutting the time you wasted inside the cramped subway or train, will make you have enough time for the other things that more productive.

Secondly, the cost of commuting is not cheap. The gas, the public transport tic…

Fight COVID-19 by the 10,000 Movement

The storm is still coming. The sky is full of uncertainties. No single silver lining is seen, not even a dot one. Maybe for the next few months. We don't exactly know for sure. Every day seems harder than a day before. More and more people die. Millions can not go to work, nor school. Fear comes each moment the news from the WHO broadcasted. The sound of thunders filling in our heart, search for the optimism, and kill it mercilessly.

We are afraid that the coronavirus will infect us and makes us sick. We are afraid to die within 14 days. But billions of people are worried they can not feed their families this very day. If we are infected, we still have plenty of time cleaning our browsing history. They don't.

Wash hands? They don't even have enough clean water to drink. If they afford to buy a bar of soap, they will buy some food. Work from home? First, they need work. Then, they need homes. Most of them are jobless, homeless, or both. Social distancing? You should see som…

Scheduling Google SQL Instances

During this hard time, it is important to reduce the cost of our server. Currently, we have 3 running staging/development SQL instances. All of them use PostgreSQL 9.6. We already decrease the vCPU and memory to save some money, but we don't stop just right there. This article will try to explain the details of how we make a "schedule" to start and stop our staging of Google Cloud SQL instances.

The key concept is pretty straightforward. You only run the SQL instance when you work on it. Just like what we do on our Google Cloud Compute Engine on the previous post. Unfortunately, there is a small issue: Google Cloud SQL doesn't provide an "SDK-way" to start or stop the instance. So the workaround is using the "gcloud" command under the Compute Engine within the very same Google Cloud project.

Here is the breakdown of what we aim to do.
Create a Compute Engine, and enable the Google Cloud SQL API access scope.Edit the cronjob that calls the gcloud co…