Fight COVID-19 by the 10,000 Movement

The storm is still coming. The sky is full of uncertainties. No single silver lining is seen, not even a dot one. Maybe for the next few months. We don't exactly know for sure. Every day seems harder than a day before. More and more people die. Millions can not go to work, nor school. Fear comes each moment the news from the WHO broadcasted. The sound of thunders filling in our heart, search for the optimism, and kill it mercilessly.

abandoned apartment
Image by Liam Andrew (Unsplash)

We are afraid that the coronavirus will infect us and makes us sick. We are afraid to die within 14 days. But billions of people are worried they can not feed their families this very day. If we are infected, we still have plenty of time cleaning our browsing history. They don't.

Wash hands? They don't even have enough clean water to drink. If they afford to buy a bar of soap, they will buy some food. Work from home? First, they need work. Then, they need homes. Most of them are jobless, homeless, or both. Social distancing? You should see some populated areas, such as Tambora. They have improper space to live. One house with one small multi-functional room should hold a pair of husband and wife, 4 children, even their grandparents.

Our pyramid needs your help. A row of stones, a block of rock, or even a brick. Whatever you have, you do have a contribution to it. You help build the whole structure. Even by a handful of sand.

a pyramid
Pict by Nour Wageh / Unsplash

A story from Sandi Nopiandi, 29 years young man, who started from 500 sqm of land, will blow our mind. He started his pesantren (Islamic boarding school), named Pesantren Yatim, in 2017. Within 3 years, now it has more than 17 hectares, 140 students, and everything is free of charge. It has almost everything they need: farm, horse-riding area, huge fish ponds, and archery range. They build their own civilization. They grow their own food.

The foundation invites people to donate for a small amount of money: IDR 10,000, or less than a dollar. Monthly.

Rendy Saputra, the guy behind Berkah Box, named it "Harokah 10-Ribuan" or "The 10,000 Movement". Berkah Box is also a social-entrepreneur entity that gives packages of free lunch valued IDR 10,0000 to the people who pray Dzuhur at some mosques. They also accept donations as small as IDR 10,000.

That is a very mini step for a giant leap. Don't think about the money, but look for our eternal, continuous, endless, good deeds.

What can be bought using IDR 10,000?

A slice of bread, 10 liters of drinking water, a kilogram of high-quality rice, an ounce of eggs. It can be anything. In the end, it is not about money. It is about sending a message. With IDR 10,000, we are not feeding the people. We are giving hope, we deliver happiness, we spread confidence, we bring back their beliefs in faith.

So let's start from our small pocket, start from people around us, and start forthwith. We can hold our hands together and face cloudy days without getting cold.

We should not be worried about tomorrow. Aren't we tired of dodging the Izrail?

Things we should be afraid of is the things after death. The Judgment Day. The questions from Nakir and Munkar. The Bridge that leads to Paradise or Hell. A single thin hair that divided into 7 thinner parts.

Let’s face death just like how we face life.


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