DIY Table Legs with PVC for Under $5

I now have two pieces of IKEA Lerberg table legs. It's a great product and has a minimalist design. But the price was about $20 each. My pocket is not deep enough, so I decided to make a similar structure but with cheaper materials. Half inch PVC pipes come in rescue. The total cost for the entire project is about IDR 65,000 or still under 5 dollars.

IKEA table leg
Lerberg Table Leg from IKEA

For this DIY project, we need to make two table legs. Each leg needs:

1 x 21.5 cm: middle leg (bottom)
1 x 18.3 cm: middle segment
2 x 17.8 cm: lower legs (right and left)
4 x 10.9 cm: this depends on your top table's width
2 x 47 cm: upper legs (right and left)
1 x 43.9 cm: middle leg (upper)
5 x T-shape fittings
2 x L-shape fittings

diy table legs under 5 dollars
Final Result

Each leg needs about 2.6 metres so in total we need ~5.2 metres. That means 2 x 4 metres half inch pipes. Each 4 m pipe costs about IDR 18,000. Each fitting costs about IDR 2,000. We also need an iron saw. I get one for about IDR 5,000, but I am a little bit disappointed about the quality. The IDR 20,000 iron saw has a better fineness and can be a great investment. As what Sean Covey said: if we have 4 hours chopping a tree, we should spend the first 30 minutes to sharpen the saw.

The project takes me 3 days only to think about making a similar structure to the Lerberg table leg. But it's easy when you know how it's done.  Finally, we can thank our beloved math teacher for the Pythagoras theorem they taught us at school. Today will be the day we can implement it in our darn real life. The theorem used to calculate the middle segment.

The top table I used is a cheap folding one. Basically, you can use any kind of top table. But I prefer to use the light one. The table is tested using 15 kg load, and pretty stable. At least it's more than enough to our tiny home-office: a laptop or a combination of a tab and a bluetooth keyboard. I think to replace the PVC pipe with an iron pipe or any stronger materials, but I am afraid that will cost me more money.

folded table
Folded table

Here is the full video:

If you have a question, feel free to ask by giving a comment below. I am more than happy to answer and accept all kind of ideas. See you on the next project.


  1. Very nice diy project, but i am not sure it is pretty stable?

  2. @ Anonymous

    It is quite stable for a laptop but I don't recommend it for heavier objects. Thank you for your visit.


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