What I Learned from Hans vs Magnus

We have a ton of drama on the internet to select from instead of Korean TV series. Some of them are mediocre dramas that the author wants us to buy. Like some Indonesians claimed, "settingan" is a fake intended to boost the reputation of certain individuals. Our educational background, areas of interest, and likely social standing influence the stories we decide to read and the topics we choose to discuss.

hans vs magnus chess

What a Maddening Day of Chess

Magnus Carlsen's resignation and refusal to continue the game during the Sinquefield Cup chess competition marked the beginning of the tale. Hans Niemann, his opponent, has the lowest rating in the pool. Magnus' rating dropped by nine points after his defeat to Niemann in Round 3. Niemann surpassed the 2700 point after that victory. Some GMs, like Hikaru Nakamura, felt compelled to respond on this. Hikaru agrees that a certain obscure line from Niemann seemed off.

The plot was escalating quickly. Magnus has given no further explanation for why he departed the game (until a few days ago). There are pro and con points of view in the Chess.com society. Even if Hans did not cheat, if Magnus truly believes that Hans did, it will have an impact on Hans' career in the competitive chess tournament. Well, surely we will have a difficult time repairing someone's reputation.

The Julius Baer Generation Cup marks a new chapter in the story. After the second move against Niemann, Magnus resigned. The chess community has many responses to this as well. What actually happened?

Did Hans cheat?

In that particular game, no one really knows. There is no certain answer to that mystery. However, the fact that Hans was twice banned from Chess.com for cheating raises a lot of questions. We become sceptical after hearing that confession and lost trust. How can you be certain that someone who has cheated in the past won't do it again today? We'll be bothered by that truth forever.

How do you actually cheat in Chess?

The short answer is technology. There are numerous computer programs that can suggest the best course of moves for you. This suggestion can be transmitted via hearing aids, a chip in the hands, vibrating implants, or anything else. The same applies to exams, poker, and other circumstances. The acquisition and the proof of cheating can be two distinct topics. Even if you can't prove that a 3-yo child cheated to get a 1500 on the SAT, it's likely that you won't think he did it on his own.

Beating Our Mind

I believe Marcus was more preoccupied with the cheating by Hans than the game itself. It gets in his head like cancer. It devours his mind. It has a psychological impact. Magnus is mentally destroyed by his own standpoint. After a few "sus" moves from Hans, Magnus probably thinks:

I've never seen anything like that before. What was that move? Is that a gambit or a bad move? Is that something like a top engine line?

Marcus was seriously disturbed by the noise in his head. We are not talking about some Indian taxi drivers who play chess under the tree while waiting for passengers, but the most valuable 5-times world champion. The tension, the ticking clock, the money involved. The stakes reach their full height.

I genuinely hope we are all aware of the fact that sometimes in life, we shouldn't overthink the case. If you think you should move a mountain, just let's some other people do it first.


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