A pacemaker is a person who guides runners in a middle/long-distance running competition. It will keep the pace they can manage for the rest of the race. The other term for a pacemaker is a rabbit. The pacemaker will ensure that no contestant runs too fast from the start line. If that happens, it will give an impression to other runners that they are far behind. The term also refers to a device to help set the pace of heartbeats of patients with cardiac issues.

In life, we also tend to see other people as our pacemakers. In every life achievement and single phase, we look at our society and feel we are far left behind. Most of the time, faulty pacemakers deceive us.

In school, we tend to look for the Ace students and feel we should go for that pace. At career, financial, or any money-related journey in life. We admire some crazy-rich families and hope someday we can reach their state. Pop culture, advertising, and social media make things worse.

snail crossing a running track

Life is like a marathon, not a sprint. If we deceit by the wrong pacemaker, we can not relish the moment at our own pace. We should run at an enjoyable swiftness. Please live a life. Accept and tolerate delays. Get some sleep. Take a walk in the morning, but do not rush. Laugh deliberately. Be patient. It is very okay not to have the things we crave.

Don't let others say we are not successful enough. Or our relationship is not satisfying enough. Not only we are not at the same pace, but we are also at a different race. Further, some people tend not to want to compete. Do not live a faster life full of lies. Step back and calm.

As what Jasmin Waldmann said 

"The sun is not rushing to rise or set. The leaves are not rushing to bloom or fall. Time is not running faster than it should."


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